From time to time I like to experiment with different formats such as the puzzle and birdhouses you'll see here.  Watch for my hand-painted Christmas ornaments coming soon!
  The title for my web site was inspired by these hand-painted puzzles.  All are one of a kind.  Some puzzles have twelve pieces and some have sixty-three pieces.  Each of the puzzles pictured here were used to produce the calendar.  
Puzzle 1 puzzle 5 puzzle 3
puzzle 4 puzzle 6 puzzle 10
puzzle 7 puzzle 8 puzzle 9
puzzle 2 puzzle- 11 puzzle 12
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         Bird Houses

Both birdhouses are hand-painted with acrylic paints and glazed with polyurethane
5" X 8" X 7" tall
$85 a piece

Three Red Hots and One Cool Dude

Front Back  Side
Three Red Hots & One Cool Dude Three Red Hots & One Cool Dude Three Red Hots & One Cool Dude


Wizards and Dragons

Side Back Front
Wizards Wizards Wizards
Vase & Three Wine Glasses

Three glasses
$90 a set

These items are all hand-painted.  They are one of a kind and won't be duplicated.  *  
Martini Pitcher & 2 Glasses

Martini Pitcher and Two Glasses
$60 a set

Vase & Three Wine Glasses 2

Three glasses
$90 a set

Four Wine Glasses With Egre

Four Wine Glasses with Egrets
 $40 a set 


*Note: all glassware must be hand washed with care. 

Garden Girl
Pink Roses
8" X 11" tall
cement statue
Garden Girl
7" X 18" 1/2" tall
Pink Roses
oils on drop-leaf table
21" tall
oval top 14 1/2" X 18 1/2
$350       225-664-9900       225-235-5354


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