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Pieces of Louisiana is a pictorial adventure through southern Louisiana (past & present), with glimpses of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Florida beaches.


Youíll see plantation homes like the Houmas House, Belle Alliance, Evergreen, Oak Alley, Bocage, Hermitage House, Tezcuco, Laurel Ridge, Belle Helene and the Waguespack House. Some of these antebellum homes are open to public tours, others are private residences and a few no longer exist. Most are located along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. As you view them, youíll notice a variety of different architectural styles that were the result of our Spanish and French heritage.


Before the Civil War, steamboats were an important cargo delivery system for the sugarcane and cotton crops. These magnificent boats also provided a means of travel for those who could afford it. The larger, more luxurious, riverboats like the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee were limited in their abilities to access many inland areas, so smaller vessels like the LaFourche and the Baltic plied the narrow bayous and waterways to reach customers.


Historic landmarks like the Bayou Goula Church, the Plaquemine Locks and the New Orleans courtyards are depicted as you can see them today.


The swamp scenes with their beautiful old cypress trees are real places, though most are interpreted for their dramatic effects with color, movement and light. Some scenes include the snowy egrets that grace our landscapes, while others simply express the serene beauty of our sunsets.


Oils are Gayleís primary tools of expression but she works with other mediums such as watercolors and pastels. Donít miss the mixed media page. Azaleas, magnolias and roses are just some of the subject matter found there.


Lagniappe means a little something extra and this page offers just that. There are hand painted puzzles, calendars, birdhouses, statues and glassware. Many of these items are one of kind originals and wonít be duplicated.


I hope you enjoy your visit.

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